Brand new

 "They are brand new, not things from the past."  Isaiah 48:7

I found this butterfly outside the sanctuary doors yesterday afternoon as I was putting some last minute things in place for our choir musical.  I know, Thursday isn't "last minute" for most people when it comes to something on Sunday but I'm not a very "last minute" oriented person.  For me the last minute is long before the actual last minute.  (smile)

It seemed poignant to me that this butterfly was in my path as I entered the doors to put the finishing touches on for Easter.   Butterflies symbolize new life and certainly we've had our share of that at Celebration.  I feel like a whole new life has opened up for me these past ten months.  It's happened for me personally and for us as a church.  It's good, so good.   And it's been a looooooooooooooong time coming. 

God spoke to me that this isn't just our NEW season, it's our DUE season.  This is going to be the best Easter Sunday, ever!!!