Last night was among the most amazing of my life.  

I'm sitting here at almost 2:30 am winding down, listening to some instrumental worship in my room, just trying to "come down" off of this high I'm on.  When I wake up, I'm gonna have a Holy Ghost hangover.  Oh well.

I can't even imagine in my wildest dreams anything topping last night.  This isn't hype and it's not about me.  It's about God and what He did in people's lives.

Whatever He has for us today is going to be amazing because that's the kind of God we serve...taking us  from glory to glory.

No time to post a picture or think of anything clever to say...........I'm simply tapped out from pouring out...absolutely every last bit of me there was to pour, to my precious ladies.............but I blog everyday without here I am today.  Just taking time to tell anyone who cares that God decided to show up and show off (He has a habit of doing that when you expect Him).  He'll do that for YOU today.  We are ready for whatever He decides to do today here in Orlando.  We have a session this morning, then all day free time  -- enjoying the pools, jacuzzi, gym, walking trails and more here at the resort, and then a session again tonight.

Bring it!