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What's happenin' in Grand Cayman!

We got here late yesterday afternoon and checked into the hotel (Ramada Grand Caymanian) and had about 45 minutes to an hour before our speaker team had the responsibilities of setting up at the church.  I am rooming with my friend Pastor Tammy Young who is also a speaker on the tour and we chose to run outside with the hour we were given before set up and roll up our pant legs and head to the beach since we are literally right on it a few feet outside the sliding glass doors to our room!!!  I'm REALLY amazed at these accommodations we've been given.  I never expect anything grand especially on a missions trip. What an amazing surprise.  We quickly took our opportunity to go outside and walked on the dock which we had all to ourselves, then found a hammock and laid in it while the sun was setting.  We just talked and BREATHED, after all that it took for us to tie up our many responsibilities back home and just get here.  This tour is comprised of a speaker team that are all women on the move who have a zillion hats they are wearing in their lives and ministries and comparing stories of what it took to just get to the airport were interesting.

So mine and Tammy's "hammock time" which actually lasted about 30 minutes was such a treat.   After that we headed to the church and had dinner and did the set up of the building which took all of the rest of our time that evening, and also gave opportunity for Rebecca, the worship leader on the tour to have a rehearsal with the worship team here.

We got back to our hotel real late but Tammy and I decided to maximize the moment and we got in our bathing suits and went out in the hot tub for just a little while to talk and wind down.  Good times.   There is an extremely busy ministry schedule this weekend -- but we are maximizing every moment and stealing away even if just for 30 minutes to enjoy the beauty of this place.  By the way, Tammy is sitting next to me here as I blog and peeking at what I'm typing and she is INSISTING (she can be rather insistent if you know her personality) that I include here in my blog about the two guys that came over to the hot tub to hit on us while we were sitting there.  They had the worst pick up lines EVER.  (And of course it didn't work.  We're two happily married women.  We left them and their Bud Lite's in the sand and went back to our room where we (just she and I) could talk in private without any more interruptions.  :)

Please keep all of us in prayer for strength, to be at our best physically, and speaking under the anointing and have mighty results in hearts and lives.  So excited about what GOD is going to do here today on the HOPE TOUR CAYMANS!!!


Rhonda said…
SO excited for you and your team - what an opportunity!

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