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It's a beautiful morning...

Well, I set my cell phone alarm to wake up this morning here in the Caymans and didn't realize that while their clocks stayed the same here, my cell phone is still back on Tampa time and so therefore I'm up WAY before I actually need to be.  However it's all for the best because once I was out of the shower and dressed I realized it and was giddy with excitement that I was going to get to watch the sunrise.  I went outside with my cell phone and walked the beach (in my dress for church with sandals) and watched the sunrise and took pictures.  No one else was out there --- not a soul -- it was just me and God and the absolutely gorgeous Cayman sunrise.  What a blessing.  Actually it was so amazing I'm going to set my alarm accordingly and do it again tomorrow before we have to leave!  With the way I love to sleep friends will know how amazing this really must be for me to do this!  God's handiwork is just astounding.  This is actually all part of me "maximizing the moment" and enjoying every second here, as we really aren't here for very long (Only Friday night through Monday morning) and of course the majority of the time is ministry since that's what we came here to do.

We had a glorious day yesterday. The place was PACKED with women who were hungry for God.  All did not know Him -- and quite a number were brought to Jesus and made Him their Savior and Lord!  Halleluiah!!!  What a time.  MANY women came to the altars for healing (there was such an anointing there yesterday for healing...) and many more had bondages broken off of their lives.  One woman that we really spent time with in prayer yesterday for a long time came forward and confessed she was in an affair with a married man -- wanted to repent and lay everything down and start a new life in Christ.  Praise God!!!  God has flowed through each member of our team in a mighty way and there have been breakthroughs in people's lives during each person's time of ministry -- God just showed up and showed off in a great way.  We are so grateful for all He is doing.

The funniest thing EVER happened to me yesterday.  I really want to write about it here however it is a "True Church Story" and deserves it's own post here on the blog in the True Church Stories series.  It is one of those things that nobody would EVER believe had you not had witnesses there to vouch for it. In this case it happened to me personally and I am so glad my team members were there to witness this personally when I come back to the states and tell this because I am serious when I say it's so outlandish nobody would EVER believe this really happened.  My teammates tell me this is the funniest thing they have ever heard in church and not to mention "these things always seem to happen to Deanna!!!"  Why is that?  Honestly I was just ministering to a lady at the altar and BAM!  So, I simply cannot wait to share this story and I promise it'll be top priority blogging when I return.

Yesterday after all the ministry time was done we were absolutely drained to the dregs and needed nourishment for body and soul...Marsha took us to a phenomenal place to of those places where I will ALWAYS remember what I ate there, I mean...AMAZING.  This place was called "Copper Falls" and OH MY.  So then we came back to the hotel and Tammy and I did our thing which was immediately get in our swimsuits and head for the jacuzzi.  It was already late and dark outside but we enjoy it out there by the beautifully lighted trees.  This time our two "Bud Lite" admirers were not there and we had it all to ourselves.  We talked while we soaked and turned to prunes and then came inside and had tea and shared our hearts as we always do for hours when we are together and reminded each other, "Um, let's not wait so long to do this next time..." That's the hard thing about church ministry leaders...we are so often caught up in our own locations and happenings we don't prioritize time to get together and share with others like we's good nourishment for our souls.  After Copper Falls last night's soaking time and tea time was just what my soul needed.  I feel so refreshed this morning!!

It's now time for me to head inside and leave these palm trees and breeze and do my makeup and hair and head to our morning breakfast meeting and on to church...SO excited about what God is going to do at First AG Cayman Islands this morning!!   I sorely miss my Celebrators and know they are going to have a fantastic service today!!!  I am right where Jesus wants me this morning and I also know my church family back home is well taken care of and blessed.  We are all going to have victories to report today when it's all over.

Please pray for us as we journey back tomorrow morning...not sure I'll have time to blog in between getting up for the sunrise and getting packed and to the airport, but tomorrow night when I get home I'll blog, for sure!

I am sure some might wonder why I didn't post any photos yet -- Tammy and I have not been able to transfer them successfully from our phones without a problem here.  I wish I would have brought my regular camera and not just my iphone but hindsight is 100%.  Lots of pics upon my return.

Love to all and thanks for your support and prayers...


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