Did you ever notice?

  • Your kids never approach you when you are refreshed and in your right state of mind to ask you for things you haven't seen in years, like birth certificates, old photos, and other important papers.  Requests like this seem to be reserved for times when you feel so exhausted and tapped out you can hardly function, like midnight the night before they need this for a school project...
  • A dog gets excited every time you walk into a room again...at least mine do.  If I ever want to just feel great about myself all I have to do is walk out the front door, shut it, then walk back in a few minutes later.  Max acts like I just got home all over again.
  • Just the day you have to sleep in for once you will get a call from one of those political surveys or somebody like that. 


Ileana Reich said…
You are so right. The first step to moving forward is owning our choices. Thanks for sharing!