Chocolate and coffee and soooooooo much more!

Tonight I get to do one of my favorite things EV-er!  I'm going to spend time with our Celebration Women.  Tonight's event is called, "Heart to Heart" because I'm going to be sharing my heart with our ladies among other things that are on the agenda.  The night is starting with LOTS of chocolate and coffee and the Celebration worship team will be on hand to lead us into the presence of God and then  I can't wait to unleash the word that's in my spirit for us at this time. 

I don't ever take for granted the honor of leading a person or a group of people.  It doesn't matter how many years I do this, the significance and the responsibility isn't lost on me, and I seek God with all my heart for His message for the hour.

We've gone to a whole new level in general at CC lately and I believe it's time for the next level as well for the ladies of Celebration.

My life is made up of so many great people and things, but NOTHING compares to spending time with my CC peeps and the ladies are my greatest treasure.  Can't wait to be with these gals tonight!  Everyday I wake up and say, "what did I do to deserve these amazing women in my life?"  (Nothing!  Favor's not fair!  lol)