God Math

"Walking in God's divine purpose for your life will mean following His direction for ADDITION of some things, SUBTRACTION of others with DIVISION sometimes resulting from necessary adjustments.  Take joy that in time, obedience to His directives will bring a MULTIPLICATION of blessings!"  ~ Deanna Shrodes

The longer I live and more importantly the longer I live FOR JESUS, the more I realize the importance of doing what I need to do to obey Him, without apology or explanation.

Going to a deeper level in God means adjustments.  
Sometimes it means doing something, other times not doing something.
In certain circumstances it means course corrections in relationships. 
Sometimes it means a downright painful subtraction.
At times it calls for removing ourselves from situations or conversations to protect the anointing upon our life.

It means listening to Him vigilantly when it comes to guarding our hearts,  our minds, our eyes, our ears, and whatever else He speaks to us about.

For me it really all comes down to asking myself, "How much DO I really value the presence of the Lord in my life?"


Rhonda said…
LOVE your math quote! Must write it down and plagiarize it at some point!