Catching up!


I'm tired.

I feel like this photo really could be me today - wearing my headset (that I wear to career coach - talking to people while on line with them).  I don't get the luxury of sleeping during meetings though - I have to be on my game. I saw this photo and it reminded me of how I feel.  I can't wait to sleep on my day off this week.  I am really praying for a "Fun Friday" without incident or interruption.  We'll see! (Fingers crossed!)

Taking time off is always a double edged sword.  Most people tell me they find it's that way  for them so I know I know I'm not alone.

I took off Monday and paid for it Tuesday.  I didn't finish my work until almost 2:00 am this morning.  There are some things that have to be done by Tuesday nights or it's too late in the week. The reality of deadlines!  I have quite a few new job seekers I'm working with right now, some even in Canada!

I did have a 2 hours break to relax yesterday.  I took a short break and went to the movies with Larry and Savanna to see, "Just Go With It".  I try to be available to do spontaneous things with my family like that.  The movie was funny, by the way.  Totally enjoyed it and it took me out of my work for a while and helped me focus on something else.   The entire rest of the day I caught up on all of my church work that I missed from being off for the day as well as handling my NextJob appointments for the day/evening.   

I don't regret taking time off -- not at all, but it always puts me seriously behind the curve whenever I come back.

Another list of things awaits me today and more than anything I have a goal of being spiritually and mentally prepared for Fusion tonight.   It's going to be a great night! 

Tomorrow I'm going to be back with another "True Church Story".  I've said I'm not done with that series, and I meant it.  I have so many more to share and I will be back with more, so get ready!