Everybody needs a soft place to land

A few months ago during the holidays I was working one Monday at the church office and was completely and utterly exhausted by day's end.  It wasn't all from the workday -- it was a carry over from Sunday.  In addition to early morning rehearsals, teaching my class, and leading in the worship service, we also had a late night of ministry in a leadership meeting where I also taught.  Then on Monday I got up early and had a full day at the office that was really busy with a lot of standing up and working on a Christmas project all day.  I told Larry, "I'm so beat, I'm just aching all over and my feet are the worst.  I'm going straight from work to get a pedicure."  I was miserable.  Couldn't wait to just sink in the chair, feel the massage (the place I go has AMAZING chairs that are such a treat in and of themselves) and go to the special place in my head that I go to when Mai (the lady who does my feet) works on me.

I got there and she said, "Deee-na...yoo he-yah at dif-frent time than yoo always be he-yah.  Some-ting wong?"  I said, "Yes Mai.  I am just exhausted and my feet are killing me.  I decided to stop by after work instead of coming when I normally do."  (Which is in the morning on fun Fridays.)  She said, "Seet dahn bee bee."  (Sit down baby.)   I did and when she rolled up my pant leg I was horrified.  I hadn't shaved in a few days.  No time.  Honestly I know that's gross but I'm just being transparent here, that my life was so busy at the time not only did I not have time to shave both legs in one day, I had no time to shave even one.  And I'm the type of person who has to shave every day and usually do.  I hate when my life gets out of control busy, but living at the intersection of marriage, parenting, ministry, career coaching, keeping the house work done, writing, speaking, yada yada yada can sometimes result in not shaving for a few days or having a huge basket of dirty laundry.  Something has to give.  This time it was my legs that went by the wayside.

I said, "Oh Mai...ughhh.....I am so sorry.  I haven't shaved.  I didn't even think about it when I came over here today...life has been so crazy and oh my, this is rather gross..." and she interrupted me and said, "shhhhhh...hush...just seet bach and wewax, bee bee...dun't worreee about any-ting, yoo are he-yah now."

I relaxed with her gentle and encouraging words and forgot about my hairy legs...sat there and went to my happy place in my head while she worked on me.  Life was a lot better that night leaving there as my feet weren't hurting so much anymore and I was energized.  My whole attitude was changed because someone didn't care how I showed up, they just took care of my need.  Mai was my "soft place to land" that day in an overwhelmed world.  

I did go home that night and shave, by the way.  

People in our lives need a soft place to land.

Right now I'm ministering to a  young lady who is pregnant and the father of the baby abandoned her.  She needs a soft place to land.

I have a few pastor/pw friends who are especially in need of a soft place to land.

Another close friend has experienced a significant loss in their life and needs a soft place to land.

A family member feels like all hope for change is gone in a situation and needs a soft place to land.

I want to be a person who says, "shhhhh...hush...just sit back and relax, baby.  Don't worry about anything.  You are here now."


Rhonda said…
Wow! I woke up in a horrible mood (for various reasons) but this post encouraged me. I love it that you are this transparent and that your choice of words are so timely. A soft place to land...I will always remember that :)
Sharon said…
Thank you ladies...I appreciate your feedback as always. This seems to have struck a chord with quite a few people who have contacted me today.

Love you...mean it!
Beautiful! thank you for sharing this. Yes, so many needs in the body of Christ. We need those places to refresh.
curlygirlie said…
Thank you for this post. I feel the same. Sometimes, this is necessary. And like Mai, God doesn't care about whether or not we have been keeping up with our promises or what we have been doing in the past, or what our week has been like, what he cares about is that we are here with Him now and he wants us to just six back and relax because He will take care of all our worries.

Pastor Deanna, today, I woke up and got ready for Sunday Service, as I usually do... only today, I knew that my car was on EMPTY and had been for about a day. Church is slightly over 15 miles away from home for me. But I chose NOT to worry about it and go to church anyway. I knew that somehow, someway or another, God would at least get me there. I got there. I prayed and worshipped and I even got emotional today, because I had such a rough week that being there made me so happy and it felt wonderful not to have a worry in the world. It felt amazing and liberating to just worship the Lord. I knew that He would also take care of me on the way back home. I have to say that GOD IS GREAT! GOD IS AMAZING! GOD IS GOOD! I was able to get back home on EMPTY as well. I have to say that my car has NEVER been able to get THAT far on EMPTY before; but, today, I chose to let God take care of my worries. I chose to NOT doubt His word and leave it all up to Him. This was my soft place of landing today :)
Grace said…
You have been a soft place for me to land. I know every time I ask you to pray...that you really do! xo