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True Church Stories - #21

Last night in our Fusion service a young lady in our church who we'll call "Paris" reminded me of this true story and I laughed and said, "hey, I should put that on my blog as one of the true church stories!"  She readily agreed and even told me to go ahead and use her real  name.  However I felt it best that I not do that since her mother (who doesn't attend our church) may not be too happy if she found this blog.  So..."Paris" it is.

I'll tell you in advance, this is another one of my HUGE faux pas.  You are going to wonder how the heck I am in the ministry after reading all these, I'm sure.  Yeah, I've made some biiiiig mistakes in my time.  I think most ministers have though, and I'm just crazy enough to put all my faults well, almost all out there and admit them!  LOL

Paris is an awesome  young lady who started attending our church along with her father and stepmother, both very strong believers who happen to be on our leadership team.  Her mom on the other hand is not a Christian and is...well, let's just say "unique."  That would be putting it a little mildly and Paris would fully agree with me and tell you some stories that would leave your mouth hanging open.  I mean, this is "Jerry Springer" type material, that her mom does.  And the thing is, Paris's Dad and stepmom are just normal sweet folks who aren't out there doing anything outrageous.  I often wonder how her dad and mom ever co-existed, he is so normal.   Okay, that I've set the stage...

A few years ago, Paris invited her mom to our church.  She had never been to Celebration before.  I had never met her, had no idea who she was, what she looked like nor had Paris introduced her to me yet.  The Mom is in her mid-fifties and came back into our hospitality room for the first time after service, accompanied by a young man who appeared about 20 years old.  (In reality he was 25 at the time.)  I assumed this was Paris's brother, as she does have brothers, who also do not go to our church.    As I went around shaking hands and hugging and greeting the people I stopped and introduced myself to her and she told me she was Paris's mom and I said, "Oh!  How wonderful to meet you!!  And you've brought your son too!  We're so glad both of you are here."  And with that she glared at me and said, "Ummmm...this is my BOYFRIEND!!!!"


I don't just open mouth insert foot, I open mouth and exchange feet.  [sigh]

Paris's mom hasn't been back to our church since that time.  I feel really bad about that.  I really meant no harm -- I honestly thought the boy was her son.

And yes that WAS her boyfriend.  They are still together.   Paris says that when they go out in public they often get that reaction, so her mom hesitates to introduce him to people now.  Wow.

If she does come back to church and accepts Jesus and becomes a member, I'll have to resist calling her Sis. Cougar.  Ba ha ha ha ha!!!!

*Thanks Paris, for reminding me of this story and allowing me to use it here on the blog.  You're amazing.


Anonymous said…
Ooh, ooh...I've got one!!!!

At my old church, we had a family come and visit one Sunday - Two sisters who were blonde and pretty, and all their kids.

There was one member of the family who was a "guy" who looked about 15-16 years old, and my PW came up to them, gave them big hugs, and sais something about how the lady's "son" should meet our youth pastor.

WELL...the "son" was actually a WOMAN in her 20s, and was dating the lady that we had assumed was "his" mom.

Even more embarrassing, the more masculine looking of the pair was the one who was starting to feel convicted about the way she was living her life, and had convinced the rest of the crew to come to church. She had attended an A/G church for awhile as a kid, so that's the one they picked.


So at least you got the GENDER right ;o).

[This family actually did come back, accept Christ, and got involved in our church's Alpha course!]
Rhonda said…
Oh the stories you have! Thanks for bringing laughter to my belly again!
Godsy Girl(TM) said…
Glad I found your site. Love your sense of humor.

I'm a pw in the Midwest. One of the perks of ministry has to be the stories. "Gotta laugh not to cry" kind of thing.


That's a great story, Leanne! Love it!!

Thanks for the kudos Rhonda!

Godsygirl (Teri) i'm following you now...thanks!

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