True Church Stories - #20

Here's another sermon blooper that people at Celebration Church have NEVER forgotten, especially the teenagers!

Larry was preaching a message one Sunday morning about people taking care to be wise  in selecting a marriage partner.  Too often, people focus on everything but the potential mate's spiritual walk.  We've counseled enough disasters to know that you can't be too careful in making sure your future mate has a close walk with God.

In this sermon he referenced Rachel and Leah in the Bible, and Jacob thinking he was getting one girl, but really got another.  He went on for quite a while that Sunday morning admonishing all the single people to be careful about who they date and ultimately marry.  And then he says, "young men in this place today...before you marry a girl, you need to know what she's really all about, and just like you would with a need to check under the hood first to make sure of what you're getting!"

Well, the congregation roared!!  They took it to mean, "look underneath her clothes" or whatever, but he didn't mean that at all, of course.  He meant, "check underneath the hood spiritually - see what's inside."  But nobody would stop laughing long enough to hear it and the more he talked, the deeper in trouble he got, so finally he just went on to the next point and left the whole "check underneath the hood" issue behind but people were still giggling.

The teen boys in particular have had a grand time teasing my husband saying that they are going to use the excuse with their girlfriends that "Pastor says I need to check underneath your hood before I marry you..."  LOL  [sigh]


Rhonda said…
I will be sure to bring this up if and when we ever see Larry again! Can't wait to share this with Kyle :)