Ladies Night

Last night we had a women's Christmas party at the church and it was a lot of fun.  This year we just did something low key.  We were wanting something simple, just a time to get together and hang out with the core that is Celebration women.  So that's what we did.  Here are a few photos from CC photographer, Lourdes Manners.

   Here's a great one looking through the doors of the fellowship hall, through the wreath at some of the women gathered for our party last night.  Lourdes is such a creative her work.

So I'm just a little bit crazy about these women...
 Our cafe area, lit up at night...
Breezeway area
Breezeway area leading down to the courtyard which we also just lit up again.  We leave it lit up like this all year round and people gather and spend time together, eat, have coffee, etc. before and after church.

I'm hearing a lot of great feedback on the True Church Stories, and will come back with more of those on Monday.  :)