A Celebration Church Family Christmas

All of these photos were taken by Lourdes Manners, of Celebration Church. Thanks, Lourdes!

Our trees are so beautiful at Celebration.  Lotsa people take family photos in front of them.

Opening the service with our rockin ' version of the Halleluiah Chorus...
My daughter Savanna and I sang a duet ~ "Baby It's Cold Outside".  She did a great job!
Kerry George and his son, Xander - precious...
 Love, love, love these two!!!
Kate Russell - in one word:  AMAZING.
Kate and I had a grand time playing some of the greatest classical Christmas carols.
Celebration KidZone rocks!
I love our Celebration Kidz...they are so awesome.
Ms. Michele tells the Christmas story, with help from Marty.
Elizabeth Wing, another amazing new addition to Celebration Church...love this lady, not only for how she plays the piano, but also how she PRAYS fervently, and how sweet she is.  God is so good to send her to us.  Honestly, He packaged up a few gifts (people) and send 'em to me this year!!!  Thank you, Jesus.