True Church Stories - #18

I love buying clothes for my husband although that is his LEAST favorite thing for me to give him.  I go back and forth between forcing this on him, and giving up and having him choose all of his own clothes.  LOL

Years ago when we were youth pastors in New Jersey I had purchased a new suit for Larry for his birthday and he planned to wear it the next Sunday night when he would be preaching.  I was excited...for him to preach, and for him to wear the suit I was so excited about.

I was leading worship and decided to slip in a special little announcement that morning.  However I didn't think about the double meaning before I did.  I said, "Okay folks, make sure you come out tonight to church because Pastor Larry's going to be preaching in his birthday suit!"

Ba ha ha ha ha ha!!!!


Rhonda said…
That's right up there with the famous church bloopers I keep reading about - too funny!