Happy Thanksgiving

Maxie says, "O my!  It's Thanksgiving!"

Kayte and Max say, "share the love this Thanksgiving!"
Maddie's stands up and says, "mmmm...I smell me some turkey..."
We are very grateful for all the Lord's blessings in our house and wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving.

 I love today for so many reasons...it's not just the food. I love what it means, first of all. Love the fact that we are focused on gratefulness for all that we have. Is life perfect? No, that's not the point.

The point is focusing on what we DO have rather than what we don't have.

Focusing on what we CAN do rather than what we CAN'T do.

Focused on what God IS doing, not what we perceive Him as not doing.

Mike Murdock once said, "the reason most people fail is broken focus." Is your focus broken?

Get your focus on Thanksgiving and true gratefulness it won't be broken any more.

We are so blessed, and that's not a cliche!