What's happening next?

I'm gearing up this weekend to begin my new Sunday morning teaching series in the Sanctuary Class -- it's called, "Jesus in the Workplace" and it's a five week teaching:

October 3 ~ "Take This Job and Love It!"  
   God's ultimate design for work

October 10 ~  "From Ordinary to Extraordinary"
   Did you know that it takes so little to be above average?!  Yeah, it's crazy how little you have to do to be a cut above. 

October 17 ~  "You want me to do WHAT?!"
    Honoring leadership in the workplace; Also covering the subject of  working for or with a difficult person 

October 24 ~  "Teamwork makes the Dreamwork"
   Developing great interpersonal skills, learning from the Master Himself!

October 31 ~  "The Marketplace:  Your Missionfield"
   Fulfilling your call to be a history maker and world changer.

If you are a Celebrater, I highly encourage you to be there on Sunday mornings at 9:30 for this series.  The way class is structured, I teach, however we take questions and comments throughout the entire class.  I believe this will be one of our best series yet.