Update on rescued dogs...

Happy endings are good.  :)

Gayle took Molly Brown (little dachshund we rescued on Wednesday) to the vet yesterday and her tumor as removed.  Thankfully it was benign.  She is healing up and will soon be good as new!  The dog is adjusting well although their cat doesn't care for the dog so Gayle slept with the dog out in the trailer last night.

In case you're just catching up here, we have the Jack Russell (who some believe may also be part rat terrier) at our house and Dustin has claimed her and named her Kayte.  She's doing just great all except for the fact that she doesn't get along with Max and Maddie.  They would have no issues with her (I think they would love to play) but she's very threatened by them and comes unglued when they are around and gets very mean.  Right now it's kind of stressful as we have to keep them gated and separated at all times so they don't kill each other.  Kayte becomes very aggressive and M & M defend themselves.

So prayers right now would be appreciated for both Molly Brown and Kayte to adjust.  


Hi Deanna!

Sweet story....
These puppies must have sensed that you love dogs... after catching up on your blog from a couple of days ago!
"So another church is reaching the dogs" haha!

Love it!

Glad you found homes for them and hopefully it will work out for Kayte.

Keep us updated!