Today is a very special day

Twenty one years ago today our lives were forever changed in an amazing way!  A little after midnight at Our Lady of Lourdes hospital in Camden, New Jersey, I gave birth to Dustin!   He absolutely rocked my world with his big chocolate eyes and his smile, and his little pointy chin.  

When he was born I had all kinds of dreams about what kind of person he would become.  I have to say he has exceeded them all!  When he turned 18, I realized how amazing parenting can be when they grow up and turn out right.  I wanted to have even more kids but my husband said we were done.  He was just too tired to have more.  People ask me, "why in the world do you want more kids?" and I just have to say, "Meet my kids...they're incredible!   Why would I not want more of this?"

Dustin still melts his momma's heart with his big brown eyes and his smile.  But more than that he loves God so much, and his favorite thing to do is to sing and play to Jesus, and share His love with everyone.

He is turning 21 but tonight on his birthday he will not be out in a bar somewhere getting smashed.  He will be leading worship at Refuge.  Yes, on his 21st birthday.  Because that's the kind of young man he is.  

What more could a mother want?


Happy birthday Dustin!
Melissa Davis said…

Thankful for young men that make the world a better place!!!

You're a blessed Woman PD :)
Rhonda said…
You and Larry have done an incredible job with your children and the fruits of your labor are obvious. He IS an incredible young man and you ARE truly a blessed momma!