Stuff I say all the time

Yesterday we had a memorial service for someone who passed away who was affiliated with our church.  People recalled things the deceased said and did.   It got me thinking about the fact that we all have stuff we say all the time...our unique "isms".    These are some things that come out of my mouth at least once a week, some every single day.  I'm sure my friends could add more obvious ones than I am just not thinking about at the moment.


"It's amazing!!!"

"If you don't ask, the answer's always no!"

"If you just do the right thing long enough, it will catch up with you."

"Are. You. Serious??!!!!!!!"

"That tastes so good it would make a tadpole slap a whale!"

[To my kids]  "I brought you into this world..."


"Oh my Lord!!!"



"I love you."

"Get ready, get ready, get ready!!!"

"Cancel, cancel, cancel!"

"I need that like I need a hole in the head."

 "Well, at the end of the day..."

"I need an iced tea."

"You have GOT to be kidding me!!!!!!"

"Well, halleluiah Jesus!"

"Somebody SCREAM!!!"

"Dear Lord Jesus in heaven!!!!"

"Well let me tell you..."

"I am not even kidding you..."

"Give a shout up in here!"


"How can I help you?"

"Yep, for you I've got a minute."

"Deanna -- D-E-A-N-N-A,  all one word with two n's." 

"Tomorrow is a brand new day."


Unknown said…
Yep, that's another one. :)