Puppy love

Savanna and Maddie
I wanted more children after Dustin turned 18, but my husband declared us done in that department.  It was probably just as well as I sometimes have a hard time keeping up with the children I do have.  On the other hand, does ANY parent really stay on top of it 100% all the time?  Who really IS ever ready to have a kid, or more kids?

At any rate, it's not an option for me anymore and I have thrown my energy that I would have thrown toward another child toward our two dogs.  I really consider them to be my new babies on the scene and can't thank Larry enough for insisting that we add them to our family.  I don't like being away from them, and think about them all the time when we're apart.  I give them both plenty of TLC each day and can't imagine life without them.  Every day I hold them both and pray a prayer over them for health and long life.  They are so easy to  love.