On Sunday I spoke of having a lot to share that's been  percolating, but today I just wanted to share a potpourri of what's been happening or what I'm thinking in no particular order...

  • The other night our entire family went to see The Social Network.  It's the first time in forever that the five of us have gone anywhere together.  The boys have been so busy with working two jobs a piece, plus school, and all their church ministries.  We do things with Dustin or Jordan, but usually not Dustin AND Jordan.  Monday night we all went to the movie and it was awesome to be together as a family of five.  We loved the movie, by the way!
  • Last night I went out with my three of my bff's and had an amazing girls night out together of dinner and talking til' the restaurant kicked us out after closing. God smiled on me by giving me the greatest friends in my life.  I haven't laughed that hard in a LONG time, and I must say it felt so good.  I'm thankful for the way they love me, and I hope they know how much I love them.
  • I'm in one of the busiest seasons of my life without a whole lot of time off.  The past two nights, doing something fun  has been key to my mental health.  It's not a bad season, just a busy one.
  • Despite this busy season I'm taking at least 30  minutes when I start or end the day (whatever end of the day fits best with my schedule on any given day) to ride my bike.  It's a most treasured part of my day and when I solve the most problems!  Really!
    • I'm at the beginning of writing my third book.  Only a few close friends and those who will be interviewed or researching with me for the book know my working title and subject and it'll stay that way til' it's published.  I've had enough ideas preempted to ever talk about the details of something this important to me til'  it's copyrighted .  I'm a big fan of  following the same advice Mary the mother of Jesus was given..."pondering things in the heart" until they are birthed.  And this brings me to a subject I've thought A LOT about lately for many reasons...
    • Integrity...especially in the ministry.  What's up with it?  I'm more resolved than ever about being a person above reproach.   We shouldn't be surprised by some things -- after all we are in the last days and the scripture says even the elect will be deceived.   But still most people including myself get disheartened when we see it.   At the end of the day we're just servants.  There is only one reason God gives any of us a leadership position and it's to serve people.  When that is forgotten it's the beginning of the end.
    •  I'm the richest woman in the world.  There might not be much in my bank account but  I'm married to a Godly man, we've got three kids who all love and serve God, the most caring and loyal friends in the world,an amazing church family, and two dogs who welcome me home with a zillion kisses each day.  What more could a girl want?
    •  Oh yeah, I'm believing for miracles...did I mention that?