So there's a ton of stuff percolating in this head of mine.

PERCOLATE:  "to show activity, movement, or life; grow or spread gradually; germinate."

Be forewarned.

It's going to be unleashed in great verbosity this week.  Just thought I'd prepare all who dare to read my upcoming posts.

Hold on with anticipation til' Monday.  In the meantime...we're going to have a phenomenal day at Celebration Church today.  God is going to show up and do His thing because we just let Him be God in His house and do what He wantsWhat an amazing weekend I had with some of my Celebration women...I love being with them.  You know I went into this weekend more exhausted than I've ever been, and I was quite honestly tired when I came home but more in love with my CC family than ever before.  God is so good to me.  I am so blessed.  I don't have to talk myself into this...I don't have to call the things that are not as though they are in this regard.  There were times in days past I had to.  No more.  A while back there was a shift in the atmosphere.  A God-ordained shift.  I have been blessed, RIGHT NOW, with the amazing people that God has placed in this body.  With friends who are rock solid on the mountain and in the valley.    I  humbly say, "thank you, Father." 


Melissa said…
Looking forward to reading what God has pour into you and is about to unleash! Love you!