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Why doesn't anybody tell you this stuff???

So last Wednesday night someone was at the pulpit receiving the offering and in about three minutes I was supposed to come forward and teach.  During this time I felt my eyes drying out with my contacts feeling like they were going to pop out.  I blinked repeatedly to try to wet my eyes and thought to myself, "should I come off the platform and take my contacts out and put my glasses on, or what?"  I resisted the temptation to do that although I was extremely uncomfortable.   I just thought it would be a really unprofessional thing to possibly have to ask someone to stall at the pulpit while I removed my contacts.  I got through a 30 minute teaching while every last bit of liquid left in my eyes evaporated.

 As soon as I was done teaching, I quickly removed the contacts and put my glasses on.   This was actually a culmination of my eyes feeling parched for about  three months now.  I've been going through lot of rewetting drops but they didn't solve the issue. Wondering what in the world was going on I came home after church and did what I do so often...

I googled.

And I discovered the reason my eyes have been like a desert. 

I found out dry eyes are a symptom of menopause!  Yep, I'm at the beginning of going through this change...what is known as perimenopause.  I know, you're not surprised that I'm confessing it here on the blog since I talk about pretty much anything here openly and have somehow still lived to retain my minister's license. Much to some people's

 A bunch of other stuff is happening in addition to the dry eyes, like momentarily forgetting my best friend's names, waking up in the middle of the night to go to the restroom, kicking the covers off at least 10 times a night because I'm breaking out in sweat, forgetting the names of simple items like a stapler or ketchup.  Yeah, what a blast.  

Nobody ever told me that when I got to this point my eyes might totally dehydrate.  Why not???  Do your friends a favor and please tell them that their eyes might dry up like two raisins.  I had lunch with a friend this week and said, "Hey, you've come through the change.  When you went through it were your eyes dry?"  She says, "Oh yeah...big time."   Then I interrogated her on everything else I should expect and she said, "If you feel like you have Alzheimers just know it's totally normal."  How thrilling.

Nobody ever told me that when my first kid went to move out I'd feel like my world had ended.   (Mine changed his mind and stayed home, so my world has continued for a while longer.)

Nobody ever told me that at this point in my life I'd want to stay in bed on my day off all day long for something else besides sex.  (EXHAUSTION)

I'm really thinking of making a long list of stuff most people don't tell you, so people can be prepared.  

**  About the dry eyes, here's what I've done, in case this is happening to any of you and you need help.  I stopped wearing my contacts for a few days to rest my eyes.  I got Thera Tears which I've been using several times a day.  I also started takinng omega 3 essential fatty acids several times a day.  One lady said just 24 hours after the start of taking these, her dry eyes were relieved!!!  I've also been drinking a ton of water.  Everything I read on line said doing these things will greatly reduce if not eliminate the problem.  I'm wearing my contacts again today.  We'll see how it goes. 

For anything else I need to know Kathryn tells me I need to get this book.

What did you not know about in life that you wish someone would have warned you about?

Just one more reason I like Google.


PD...I keep asking, where is the power off switch? Why all this drama to shut off this particular system? Just show me where the big red switch is to turn this off once and for all and I'm good!
Anonymous said…
Started the change myself. Haven't had the dry eyes, but I just wear glasses all the time. I write notes . And my friends hear a lot of, "Hey is it hot in here, or is it me?" They reply "It's you!" I'm glad "the visitor" doesn't come as often, but then you always have to be prepared. (Sorry you had to read that, men! LOL) You are not alone, Deanna, but why doesn't anyone share the info???
Melissa said…
Ruth you raise a good question, "Why doesn't anyone share the info?" I personally think it's our culture. Our culture is still even after all this time stuck on what happens to a man. I was watching Nightline last night and they were talking about this drug called Zesta (think that's the name) it increases a woman's sexual arousal like Viagra does for men. They don't advertise it because the networks won't let it air but they will allow a commercial for Viagra talk about the symptoms it causes and when to seek a doctor. Just more proof we as woman need to SPEAK up and so that others and younger women are not out there wondering if what they feel and are experiencing is normal for different stages of our lives.
Melissa, you are KIDDING ME!!! When will we get past this archaic way of thinking??!

I would LOVE to write a commercial for Zesta.

"If WE don't like it, YOU won't like it..." LOL ha ha ha

If the powers that be would realize the truth of this situation it's that when women are happy they make men much happier. :) It's definitely in their best interest to give us our Zesta.
Rhonda said…
I'm there with you Deanna - been going through perimenopause for several years now. The night sweats are the worst and boy do I stink when I finally wake up! Wearing contacts actually exacerbates the 'dry eye syndrome' which is why I take mine out shortly after lunch. Haven't remembered my husbands name for five years now and I have begun stuttering and contradicting myself within one sentence!! I'm sure our families are so excited about our new mental journey we're on!!

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