What was that last fight really all about?

That is the name of my article that was published yesterday by the Assemblies of God Women in Ministry Mobilized.  Go here to read it.  Did you know that ministers go through spiritual warfare in the areas of their lives that they preach about?  If you are a minister, you will really  appreciate this, and if you are a church member if will give you some insight into praying for your pastors.

By the way, in light of what I said in this article, keep in mind that I'm speaking on marriage at the Experience Conference this weekend.  :)

Thanks for your prayers.


Anonymous said…
Great article and very true. satan wants to bring you down, to discourage you to the point you can't speak. Instead, use the situations as illustrations for your message. I don't know if pastors realize this, but it is actually heartwarming to hear pastors open up and share the very same struggles that "the rest of us" go through. It makes them more approachable. Those of us who have been in the church awhile tend to put on our cheerful "I'm living on the mountain top" face when any Christian enters our space. But it is okay to be real and raw. Yes, I am praying for you. Do every day! :)