Two seconds to change

Yesterday I read a great blog post by career coach Penelope Trunk about stability.  She spoke of staying put, making the decision to stop running away from our problems and refraining from blaming others.   She says we can make any location work for us if we just determine to take personal responsibility.

It's much more convenient to blame everyone else for our problems rather than look within at what we need to change.  To change our environment, all we have to do is change ourselves!  We can bring immediate transformation to the atmosphere we're in by changing what we speak, what we hear, what we do.

Too many times we wait for someone else to change or another opportunity to come along.  Change can take a mighty long time in that case. Changing our attitude alone can produce change in two seconds flat...much preferrable, yes?

p.s.  I'm on my way this morning to speak at the Experience Conference in Lakeland. Keep all of us who are there in prayer for God to show up and do great things.