I'm so excited to have reached a milestone as a career coach this week.  My boss Kathryn called with the news last night that at the management meeting yesterday (this meeting includes the president, chief operating officer, both regional managers, national training manager and technology director) they officially voted to make me a senior coach.  This is something I've been working on the last few months, fulfilling the qualifications, but after you've done all that they have to discuss it as a team, and take a vote at their meeting about whether to grant this certification or not.  I am the first person to become a senior coach at NextJob, with the standards they have set forth for coach certifications. 

I couldn't post anything here or on my facebook until they officially sent out a letter to all of the employees at NextJob.  The letter/e-mail has now been sent.  Here's a copy of it:

Please join me in congratulating our newest, and first to complete the requirements for NextJob Senior Certified Coach...Deanna Shrodes!

Deanna set a goal to complete the requirements for Senior Certified Coach almost as soon as the Certification Program was unveiled.  She has since been diligent to take all the training to heart and apply what she has learned.  She has been rewarded with a set of coaching skills that in many areas are at a master coach level.  

Her commitment to NextJob, the company, the mission and vision is above question.  She goes "above and beyond" providing her job seekers with 100% customer service, ensuring that they have exactly what they need to be successful.  Deanna has truly earned this recognition!  

Thank you, Deanna, for your passion, your heart and your spirit...nothing's gonna stop you now!!


Kathy Malone, ACC
Career Coach & National Training Manager
Thank you for celebrating this milestone with me!  After the call came last night my family took me to Carrabbas to celebrate.  (My favorite place to eat besides home.)  I am blessed and so thankful to those who have invested in me to help me get to the next level.  Thank you to to my amazing boss, Kathryn Kemp, national training manager Kathy Malone, and the one who brought me to NextJob in the first place...Tina Blount.  You all are amazing.


Congratulations! I am so thrilled for you!
Anonymous said…
Deanna, this is WONDERFUL NEWS! I am so happy for you!!!!!
Tina Blount said…
I am so proud of you and thankful that God allowed me to introduce you to Next-Job! You are ministering too and blessing many!!Congratulaions!
Unknown said…
Deanna, you worked hard to earn this certification, and all of us at NextJob are so proud to work with you. Especially me! We so appreciate the way you coach your job seekers with heart, soul, compassion and fierce dedication to their success. We celebrate YOU!
Cassandra said…