I'm going to be exhausted today but it's all good!!!

What a day it's going to be at Celebration Church today!  It's Labor Day weekend and I'm going to be laboring, for sure.  I know it's going to be a great Sunday despite the holiday and people being away, because God's going to be there, doing stuff! 

There is no question I'm going to come home tired but I'm sure it'll be a great exhaustion.  After leaving for worship rehearsal at 7:30 am, I'll conduct practice, teach my class at 9:30 and then preach at 10:30.  I wasn't going to be preaching this week but then Larry felt the church needed to hear my teaching on the subject of work.  It's labor day and I'm going to teach a message entitled, "Are you working hard, or hardly working?"  Larry had a message for today but he's feeling that it's meant for next Sunday so that's what we'll do.

This morning in my class I'm teaching about the fight for your faith.  This is an important topic I'm passionate about.  Then again I rarely speak about things I'm not passionate about.  LOL
A Sunday afternoon nap is a definite order today after I stand and lead/speak for five or six hours.  It's all good...there is no greater joy than to fulfill your purpose...laboring for the One who has called you.


Michele said…
Right there with PD- what a fabulous day and naps are great