The real kind you can believe in...

 Yesterday I spoke at life coaching about being women who bring change.

Are you content to just accept whatever life throws your way without believing the God can do something about it?   We can make change in two ways:
  • Prayer
  • The way we choose to walk the path.  (Sometimes the path in life is chosen for us at least for a while, but we have a choice as to how we will walk it.)
This week I talked with a few people who are stuck at whatever place they have been in for a while whether it be hurts from the past, sickness, joblessness, under-employment, etc.  We all go through times like this, but to believe that there is nothing you can do is a lie.  The truth is, there's no telling what will happen when you passionately seek the Lord about your challenge.

Lately at Celebration we've had breakthroughs of all kinds - healings, people getting free operations (God works in different ways), new jobs, and much more.  All of this has come through intercessory prayer.  God is still showing up today with miraculous acts of power on behalf of His people.

God is looking for people who will show up and be faithful to pray His will into the earth.