Runaway Love

A few Sundays ago I was teaching my class of adults that I teach each week and I asked the question:  "When did a time come in your life when you really had to rely on the Holy Spirit for direction?"  A lady immediately raised her hand and said, "Well, many years ago when I first came to the Lord I was at another church where our pastor ran off with the piano player."  I quickly quipped, "yeah...that happened to me too."  The whole class including that lady laughed a lot -- they knew I was inferring the fact that my husband (a pastor) ran off with me (a piano player).   The amusement over my little joke didn't stop there.  A few days later we were in an ice cream shop in St. Pete with  Eddie and Candy and Todd and Bonnie.   They told the owner who was serving the ice cream that my husband was the pastor of their church and then said something about him "running off with the piano player".  When the owner looked rather shocked my husband said, "well, this is actually  my wife of 23 years who happens to play the piano."  LOL   As if that wasn't enough the other night in Fusion we were watching a DVD by John Bevere and he said something during his teaching about a pastor running off with the piano player.  Everyone in Fusion bursted out laughing at what would have otherwise been a serious moment in the video.  [sigh]  Anyway...

Today the pastor and the piano player (who also happens to be a pastor herself)  have indeed run off together to Savannah, GA for much needed "couple time".   I'm very excited to get away on this trip which will also include our friends Eddie and Candy.  We are celebrating my upcoming birthday which is Sunday, and also Eddie and Candy's anniversary which is this weekend.  Last year on vacation we stopped for a day/night in Savannah on our way back and I just loved it.   Larry thought it would be nice to go back there since I enjoyed it so much.  I dreaded telling my kids where we were going because they were so crazy about it there that I knew they were going to be mad we weren't taking them this time.   Oh well, there WILL be a next time.  For now Jordan is given the charge of caring for the dogs and holding down the fort at home.  :)  Dustin will also take care of things at the office and lead our prayer meeting at Celebration today while we're gone.  Savanna's enjoying some time with her second family, the Hart's.   All is covered well so that we can escape for a few days and enjoy each other and our friends in a beautiful city.

If you are from Celebration Church and you happen to be wondering, we WILL be back for Sunday's service.  I can't wait.  God is moving so mightily!!!!  As excited as I am to go to Savannah for a few days (til Saturday  night) I also can't wait to get back and experience what God has for us on Sunday morning.  Get ready!!!


Michele said…
Enjoy your time off!!!!