Savanna took this photo of Maxie this week.  I can never have enough photos of my dogs or my kids!  Okay, today here on the blog it's FUN FRIDAY (can't describe how excited I am about that either!) and nothing super deep here today, just a few thoughts I'll share on this great day off (fingers crossed that it will be a day off -- you never know in a pastor's home...) 

Greatest way to relax ~ stay home
Greatest vacation memory ~when we went back for Larry's high school reunion.
  Greatest success ~ my kids
Greatest regret ~ some hiring decisions in the past
Greatest resource ~ prayer/fasting 
Greatest personal attribute ~ strong work ethic
Greatest personal weakness ~ anger
Greatest way to work off steam ~ bicycle ride
Greatest surprise ~ 30th b'day party from Larry
Greatest way to relax ~ moonlight path bubble bath or writing
Greatest comfort ~ prayer/worship
Greatest stress ~ the phone 
Greatest irritation ~ lazy people or those who feel entitled.
Greatest joy ~ seeing lives changed for Jesus.
Greatest thing I'm longing to do right now...sleep...peace out.