Another Breakthrough ~
New Day Dawning

Lately these two songs have had particular significance in the Celebration Church prayer meetings and although this Youtube version is really not the best, I'm posting it anyway.   Both songs are from Pastor Mary Alessi's  "More" album which is an older one, but man, oh man...SO powerful.   Get the CD to hear it clearly - you'll be so glad you did. 
Although these aren't brand new songs, God has put a fresh anointing them for us at CC right now as we push through in prayer.  As these two songs are played the spirit of God just comes into the sanctuary in such a powerful way and there's a moment in time where the anointing of God is so strong in there it's unbelievable.   There are times I've honestly thought..."Okay, the eastern sky is splitting NOW."  Last Thursday I went in to prayer meeting and it was sunny...not a cloud in the sky.  As I read my Bible that morning and got quiet before God He gave me this word that I quickly wrote down and tucked back in my Bible:  "My house has been prepared, in the most important way possible. The sound of praise has been heard by the remnant in the secret place. It is the preparation by this remnant that causes the rain clouds to gather for the outpouring upon my people. Get ready, for my house has been prepared and the rain is coming!!!"

After a while I began praying while laying face down on the floor at the altar just crying out to God to rain on His church with His Holy Spirit.  The next thing I knew, a HUGE (I mean the loudest I've ever heard) thunder clap happened.  I thought, "what in the heck is that?"  I hopped up and ran to the back doors.  Still sunny out.  I asked someone at the altar, "what was that?"  They said, "sounded like thunder but I don't know."  I went back and laid down again and kept praying and the next thing I knew another deafening boom of thunder came and then a flash of lighting and it rained down hard just right over the church for about five minutes.  John and Sofia came in for prayer during this time and said they ran into the church as fast as they could because Sofia was frightened at first because she said she "never saw anything like that before" outside.  I pulled the paper out of my Bible and showed what God had given me earlier that morning.  There was nothing to fear!  

I'm not a spooky or mystical person...I simply believe God sometimes gives us a preview in the natural of what He's doing or going to do in the supernatural. 

As I sit here and type this post at this very moment a friend from our previous congregation just instant messaged me to tell me about a miraculous personal breakthrough they just had in their family a few hours ago.  She says, "hey PD, I just wanted to say thank you. I am a prayer warrior and I know my calling because of what you and Pastor Larry taught me..."  It works, my friends!!   Prayer and praise has stood the test of time throughout thousands of years, and changes the course of history.

Just listen to this song today, breathe in the presence of God, and believe for YOUR breakthrough today.  I can see a new day dawning...I can see a breakthrough comes in the morning...breakthrough!  breakthrough!  


Anonymous said…
Deanna, you will NEVER know how much I need to hear that song this morning! I think you posted it just for me!! Thank you for listening to the Holy Spirit, sistah. satan is out to rob me. In Jesus name I refuse to allow him to rob the joy of the Lord. Yep, my "devilometer" is reading that God is going to be doing something great very soon because the serpent is getting too worked up.

I must have been living under a rock because I never heard this pastor. Definately going to have to look her up.

BTW, I was so happy to meet Pastor Paul last evening!!! Yes, I miss his blog. It was like a daily sharpening for The Sword! Praying for you this week!
Much love, sistah!