Fun Friday with the pups

The majority of my day yesterday was spent just how I love to spend Friday best --  at home in the quiet.   Yesterday I hung out with the dogs and did some things around the house  that I love to do most like cooking!  I pulled out the camera to take some candid shots during our time together.  I am just crazy about my pups, for anyone who hasn't figured it out yet.  

A little too much partying last head is killin' me!

Watchin' Momma cook...lickin' my chops -- smells so good!

Hello Mr. are you today?  Just checkin' ya out.

Alarm just went off this morning...haven't had my coffee or shower yet...

Is this my best side?

Oops!  She caught me!  (This is Maxie...he's always getting in some kinda mischief!)