Friday, May 07, 2010

What happened today

I went to my eye doctor, thinking I would be in and out in an hour and go to CVS for an eye drops prescription and be done. 


I left at 10 am and got home at 6:30 pm. 

I have had what I thought was a stye on my eye since March 8.  I have been going without make up or contacts and putting compresses on.  It had not gotten better.  But I was just giving it time.   To be honest I've been sick of going to doctors this past year and didn't want to go to one more!    Wednesday morning I woke up at district council and discovered I was experiencing a loss of vision in my affected eye, and in fact I could not read at all with that eye.  It started when I woke up and flipped open my cell phone to see what time it was and couldn't read the numbers on the phone a few inches away.  They were a complete blur and when I looked at a book, it looked like several sentences were stacked up on top of each other. I could see perfectly out of my left eye, (wearing my glasses) however, I was understandably concerned about the loss of vision in my other eye.  I called my eye doctor and got an appointment for this morning at 10 am which was the first available.

Upon testing me this morning and seeing that I truly could not read out of the right eye even with my glasses the doc was extremely concerned and said I needed an emergency consultation today at the St. Luke's Eye Institute. He called and St. Luke's didn't have an appt for another week however he demanded they do whatever to squeeze me in or stay late and said it was an emergency.

Upon being tested in several ways at St. Luke's they determined the problem to be a chalazion cyst on my eye that had been pushing down on my cornea and caused my vision to distort so I couldn't read anymore with that eye.  It was putting pressure on and had to be removed.

As kids when we wanted to promise our friends something we would say, "cross my heart,  hope to die, stick a needle in my eye."  Whip your kids the next time they say that!!!  :::giggles:::    I truly think it was easier to birth my three babies!!!

Except for the needle, the surgery is all done underneath the eyelid.  So, all of the cutting and cleaning out was internal.  I now just have a really bruised eyelid that is draining,and have to do hot compresses, antibiotics and steroids four times daily. As things heal my vision is expected to return to normal in 2-3 weeks.   Here's a pic without the glasses... doc says it may or may not bruise or swell more before it's all over...and it will keep draining as it's healing. In any case, just taking it a day at a time.  I go back for a follow up in a few weeks, right before I leave for Africa (June 1) and we are hoping I might even be able to wear my contacts for the trip!!!   

I am very grateful to everyone who started praying in response to Larry's facebook message and my quick texts.  Several people started their prayer chains and everyone I texted said they stopped immediately and prayed.  I could feel those prayers.  What a comfort.  My dear friend and church member Candy Rivera rushed right over to St. Luke's to be with me during the whole thing. 

God is a good God. I am able to type this utilizing one eye to see. I am going to have my vision fully restored. Nothing is going to stop me from all God has for me. Nothing will stop my beloved Africa trip. The devil will not have his way. He's a liar.

Savanna's birthday party sleepover started at 5 pm tonight.  I was still at St. Luke's finishing up, so Larry had to come home to get it started and leave me with Candy.  I never imagined this would be an all day affair!   Becca graciously agreed to come and stay up with the girls at the sleepover tonight being that it's important to my recooperation to shut my eyes and get some sleep.   I will post photos of her party tomorrow.

Thanks again for all who are so appreciated and loved.

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