sweet babies

I am going to miss my family more than anyone when I go to Africa Tuesday.  Next to them, I will miss my dogs immensely.  They really bring so much joy into my life on a daily basis, especially on difficult days.  This past week with dealing with the rollercoaster ride concerning Jordan's departure, their love was especially appreciated.  There were times I was crying and they just wouldn't leave my side and snuggled right up to comfort me.

They snuggle up to each other a lot too.  It's just precious.

Maxie, "maxin' relaxin' and chillaxin, on our bed.

Hmmmm...what can I do next?  What book of Mommy's can I chew to smithereens now that I have eaten My Utmost for His Highest and her favorite Ronald Reagan book?

It's a good thing I'm so cute cause I can be such a pistol! 

Mommy took a break from writing and I thought I'd sit down and update my Facebook page.


Tina Blount said…
Travel safely my friend! Be anointed!!