Saturday, May 08, 2010

Girls, girls, girls!!!
Savanna's Birthday Sleepover

So thankful that I had the forethought to make the cake the night before instead of waiting til' the day of!  (I was caught up with the eye ordeal all day and by the time I got home the girls were all there with the party in full swing.)  Also so thankful that Larry sprang into action and came home early to finish cleaning and make the tacos for the party.  And, very thankful that Becca agreed to come all night and stay up with them to supervise while I slept.  Everything worked out perfectly for Savanna's special night.  She wanted tacos, skittles, popcorn and yellow birthday cake with buttercream icing....and FRIENDS! 

Savanna and the friends that were here for the night.  (A few of her closest friends also had prior family obligations and couldn't be there.  And, I did limit the guest list so as to not be too overwhelmed.  You know, things can just get insane with

I can't believe the baby is 13.  I think I'm having another mid life crisis!  My friend Mike tells me you just keep having them...I'm starting to think he's right!  [sigh...where did my little girl go?]

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