Details of the amazingness that was yesterday!!!

What a phenomenal day we had yesterday!!!  I was pumped up and prepared for God to show up and do something great in the service.  The Lord led me to bring an illustrated message geared specifically for the ladies & was called, "Live Together Die Alone" and it contained a lot of media illustrations that we had prepared.  True to what God promised me, HE showed up!    Here is one photo as I had called ladies to the altar and was praying...

During the message we showed a powerful video clip of my last preaching trip to Africa when, during an altar call, I had the African women march in unison and we prayed... (kind of hard to explain the power of that clip unless you've actually seen it).  Imagine my surprise at the conclusion when Candy came to the pulpit and asked ladies to surround me personally and stand and believe with me for my upcoming trip to Africa and for God to protect, bless and anoint my life and ministry in general... 

Some of the ladies came forward to surround me, others prayed where they were, but then Candy asked them to MARCH!  And they did!  It was awesome.

You could just feel the power of God so strongly in the place...

Look at all these amazing blessings I received!!  I am so grateful.   I don't take anything for granted, EVER.  I treasure each word, each thing.  It's not just the "items" but the thought and the love behind the gifts.  Wow...I feel amazingly special.  The ladies of the church gave me a gorgeous fresh flower arrangement,  a year's supply of Johnson & Johnson Baby Wash for my face!  (The doctor at St. Luke's who did my eye surgery said I need to wash my face/eyes with that every single day two times a day -- always, not just now while I'm re-cooping.)  They also gave met a silver tea set, a few different kinds of eye masks, shower jel, zebra slippers, a zebra brush, a special kind of heated body wrap - never seen anything like it before - it's amazingly unique!!!, make up, jewelry, Milano's, a zebra candle, and more!  It was all so amazing!!!!               

This is the cool scrapbook card Savanna created for me -- I photographed the entire thing so you can see her creative work here.  It warmed my heart so much!

All three of the kids and Larry also gave me another card that played "Amazing Grace" with new words sung to it saying what a great Mom they think I am, and they enclosed an Amazon gift certificate.   Dustin and Becca gave me another card that they made with heartfelt words and a fresh long stemmed rose, and Maxie and Maddie gave me a card with an Amazon certificate from them.   Yes, I have  MORE gift certificates to purchase Kindle books to take with me to Africa!!!   Larry let me choose where we went to lunch..and I chose Acropolis.  Some friends decided to come along with us and it made it all the better...

Acropolis is one of my favorite greek places to eat. We had a great time and they even had dancers there today which was a lot of fun to watch.  The staff also broke dishes by throwing them on the floor, and they let Candy break a china plate!!!  What a blast! 

Another photo of the group...a great afternoon was had by all.


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