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Weekend Wrap Up

I have had the past few days off, but not really "off".  We are expecting company, some VERY special company (I'm not letting the cat out of the bag here on the blog til Tuesday...stay tuned!) and I've been doing two things:

1)  Double and triple work @church so that when the company is here I can spend as much time with them as possible, not with my head in my work except for services and emergencies.

2)  Getting my house in order.  I am STILL getting things back in order from the launch in January!  I. am. not. kidding.  We were working about 90 hrs. a week at that time and my house just went caput.  We spent time with the kids (that's more important than a clean room) but between my work at church and my work at NextJob, I was just surviving with basic household chores like dishes and laundry.  I simply made sure we had clean plates to eat off of, and that we all had clean underwear.  Honestly, that was how we were living those weeks prior to launching Celebration.   So...the past few weeks I've been concentrating on really cleaning.  It's still not as clean as I would like, (my goal is a total spring cleaning from top to bottom, garage included) but we'll get there. 

After two days of non-stop housecleaning Friday and Saturday I was glad to have the day off today.  Yes!  Well, I was at church of course (I've only missed five times in my life, remember?)  but I did not have to do ANYTHING at all today.  Nothing, nada, zippo!  It was youth day.  Yay!

I asked Becca to teach my class.  I wanted another week off -- just needed it desperately.  She gave a message on patience and it was really great.  She always does a wonderful job.  I am blessed to have her not just in our church but in our lives, dating my son...hopefully the future mother of my grandchildren.  :) 

The kids led worship today -- did an awesome job.  Then we had our Pen-Florida District Youth Director, Al Force and his wife Jinny and their sons Al and Jake with us today.  Al was the guest speaker and there was a luncheon afterwards for the Force family and the youth group.  I didn't even have to cook lunch or serve it.  W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L!    Al's message was awesome and the topic was Divine Transfer and he spoke of mentoring for the next generation whether as parents or leaders, etc.  He made a great point that I just love:  "We transfer what we ARE not what we WANT."  The meaning of this is - you "want" to transfer a lot of things to your kids...our desires are great when it comes to what we want them to remember and who we want them to become as a result of our training.  But what we want is often not lived out, therefore they don't receive it.  So, they get what we "are" not just what we want for them, and we have to be careful to LIVE IT...MODEL IT...BE THE EXAMPLE.

I went grocery shopping after I left church to get stuff for the next few days for when our company comes.  I have to work on wrapping as much as possible up Monday during the day and Tuesday during the day before our guest comes.  Tomorrow night our church is hosting the Tampa Metro Minister's Dinner and a "Prequel" to the district "Revitalize" tour that Pastor Ed Russo, our Asst. Superintendent, is doing.  I told Larry when they booked it that I can't do anything as far as organize or serve tomorrow night as I have too much else on my plate right now especially with our guest coming so he's taking care of all that, but I will have to attend the meeting.  It's a busy few days but it's all good. 

I am so excited about our guest coming!  Any guesses as to who it is??  (If you are from Celebration and you already know, please don't post here as it wouldn't be fair since you already know.)  Who??  Who??  Who is it?

Off to do more cleaning and then do something with Dustin and Becca...they said they wanted to double date with us tonight.  Fun!


I understand completely about the house cleaning thing. Deep sigh...
Leanne said…
I hear ya on the house cleaning thing as well - mine hasn't had a good "deep cleaning" yet in 2010. I had 3-4 MAJOR projects that I was wrapping up at the end of the year, and I have been crashing hard on my days off so far this to tackle some dishes and laundry tonight!!!

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