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The last call she made was from her new cell phone...

Do you see the motorcycle?

Now do you see it?

Surely  by now you can see it...

The Honda crotch rocket rider was traveling at approximately 85 mph. The VW driver was talking on a cell phone when she pulled out from a side street, apparently not seeing the motorcycle. The riders reaction time was not sufficient enough to avoid this accident. The car had two passengers and the bike rider was found INSIDE the car with them. The Volkswagen actually flipped over from the force of impact and landed 20 feet from where the collision took place.  All three involved (two in the car and the bike rider) were killed instantly.

This graphic demonstration was placed at the Motorcycle Fair by the Police and Road Safety Department.

A picture is worth a thousand words.  Someone told me recently that texting in the car has now replaced drunk driving as the #1 cause of fatal accidents!!!   On a related subject, I believe everybody should see the movie Seven Pounds, especially teenagers who seem oblivious to the dangers of texting while driving.

So as to not be hypocritical, I need to make a full disclosure here.   I have always refused to text or read texts while in the car.  I also do not dial numbers on my cell phone unless I am stopped at a red light, or I have someone else in the car dial for me.  However, I am guilty of answering my phone while I am driving. (I justified this by the fact that I would do it without taking my eyes off the road.)  However, even that is something that after seeing these photos, I am compelled to stop doing and am going to try my best to not do anymore. 

What did we do before the days of cell phones?  People just had to wait to talk to us.  Was that so bad?  I don't think the price of this is worth it...


Melissa said…
Uhm...WOW! I am posting a link from my blog to yours. Everyone needs to see this. Where did you get these pics?
My friend and mentor, Sis. June Coker, sent them to me. She emails me gems like this all the time and when I get one that particularly resonates with me, I post it on the blog. This one is a real keeper. Lots to think about.

Thanks for posting the link...

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