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Ripe for an awakening in an atmosphere of acceleration

While the purpose of my post today is not to debate what is happening in the political realm, I simply want to  make the point that I believe with each day that passes, America becomes more ripe for a spiritual awakening.

Often, it is not until people get to a desperate point that they realize they need God.


Self sufficient.


Not knowing what it is to do without.

That's all changing, like it or not.  And when the change has run it's course, we willl know how it is to live in countries that have always been less fortunate.

Why do we see signs, wonders and miracles in foreign countries, ALL THE TIME?  Why are places like Africa absolutely exploding with a spiritual awakening?  They live in an atmosphere where they need one or else and other options have run their course.  We have never known that in our country. 

It's interesting to me that when I go to minister to people in the neediest parts of the world none of them get into an intellectual debate with me, they just want a touch from God -- they just want to be whole.  They desperately need healing and their only hope is a miracle.  Very rarely do they not receive one.  It's not about me.  Their faith is so's all they have left.   Divine healing is THE option, period.  A miracle is the only hope, and fortunately for them we serve the God of miracles.

As long as we have the comforts we've always had, the spiritual climate pretty much stays the same.  People don't change until the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of changing.

America is fast becoming the world's greatest missionfield.  Did you know foreign countries have now begun sending missionaries to us?
When I was a teenager I would read the book of Revelation and say to myself, "none of this will ever happen in my lifetime.  It's too crazy.  Who would ever let all this happen, especially realizing the Bible sets it all up by talking about exactly how it's going to unfold?  Who would be that dumb to just walk right into that trap?  How stupid can those people in the end times be?"  I couldn't imagine a world where people would actually fall for the things the Bible foretells .  It seemed thousands of years away.  Now there is such an acceleration of prophesied end time events happening, one can hardly keep up.  

Many lament the changes in the world, and I understand the concern but I choose to look at the opportunity for spiritual decisions that people might never make unless they were put in a position of changing or dying.


Ruth, PA said…
Amen, Amen!! Now more that ever, Christians need to know what the Bible says about these times, constantly praying in their spirit, and continually filled with the Spirit. The enemy is such a deceiver!! I see young Christians (some saved more years than I have been...but just never grew) being "sucked in" by everything that is going on, and turning everywhere, but to God, for their answers.

But on a brighter note, God IS answering the needs and prayers of those who do trust in Him. He is increasing faith. Some have to hit rock bottom to look up. Others always are looking up. (I hope I stay in the later!) Thank you for your blog. I know it is time consuming, but you encourage me to keep fighting the good fight. The day of His return is fast approaching. We must stay ready all times! God bless you today in a special way, Deanna!!!

As most know, I was raised on southern gospel and a song they sang when I was a little girl (I'm sure you know it too):

Troublesome times are here
Filling men’s heart with fear
Freedom we all hold dear
Now is at stake.
Humbling your heart to God
Saves from the chastening rod
Seek the way pilgrims trod
Christians Awake!

I remember hearing this in my church as a child and it really didn't phase me to be quite honest. Because it seemed so far away and unrealistic.

This is what my grandmother talked about and now I'd give anything to have just one conversation with her and receive her comfort and wisdom. Thankfully she taught me about the Holy Spirit so therefore,I'm covered! Growing up all of this seemed sort of like a fable. Now it's real, and guess what, we ARE the grown ups...we are the Moms and Grandmas, and God has somehow chosen us to be THE generation who will be around for this whatever reason. (I feel so unqualified. Thankfully He doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies the call.)

Time to shine, shine like crazy!

Love you

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