I thought I'd never

...have the courage to intensely invest up close and personal in a young adult's life again (besides my own 3 kids that I birthed physically).  Becca Dearborn came into my life, cracking the protective walls that surrounded my heart,  and gave me no choice but to give her generation a chance again due to her irresistibility. (I think this might actually work out without me having to go to therapy when all is said and done.)     

 I also never imagined I'd ever have an intense desire to be in two countries at the same time.  Even with going on other missions trips, I never understood how some people would talk about a place that had captivated them and ache for it when they aren't there.  But this is the way I feel about Africa.  And thankfully, I won't have to wait long to go back for my next trip! I'm going back in three months!  This is my first time to talk about it here on the blog, because the details have been confirmed in the past two weeks that I am going again the first week of June.  A huge door of opportunity has opened and I can't wait to walk through it.  On this, my third  preaching trip there,  I will be the keynote speaker at a women's conference sponsored by the AG but open to 20 different denominations.

 By the way, the plan is to take Becca with me.  :)


Ruth, PA said…
Just added your trip to my prayer request notebook. My Pastor just returned from a 10 day trip to India with other pastors from Penn-Del. I hear the same burden in his voice. God bless you and Becca. (She is more beautiful with each picture you post.) I am praying for you and when I say I'm praying...I'm praying! :)
Love and blessings,