The big 1-9 for Jordan!

As promised yesterday here are some photos from Jordan's birthday dinner on Thursday night.  Right now I'm still in Lake Worth speaking on the Hope Tour (will be away next weekend too doing the same...) and will probably post some reflections from the conference events at some point tomorrow.  Enjoy ~

We went with his "second family" ~ the Riveras, to our family favorite for birthdays, Kobe Japanese Steakhouse. 
Left to right ~ Eddie, Candy, me, Larry, Jordan, Eddie Jr. and in back to the left Savanna, and Elijah.

Jordan with his little birthday cupcake.  He loves to play with the little umbrella, still at 19...

Savanna watches the chef cook the veggies
Where there's smoke, there'!

A good time was had by all...Jordan is 19 and it's so hard to believe!  Just yesterday I was putting him in his carseat and rocking him to sleep.