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Amazing weekend!

I didn't blog this morning because last night I got home from Lake Worth at 12:10 am.  I was physically and emotionally exhausted.  But it was well worth the trip.  What an amazing time of ministry!!!

Lake Worth is A LOT further away than I thought, and I am not alone in that discovery.  All of my friends made the same observation.  We had a tremendous crowd, much more than we expected.  It was awesome and the speakers just threw down.  I mean, we were really flowing under the anointing.  I was just amazed at how one thing just flowed into the next and lives were changed. 

Something happened in the last service with Dawnita Istre who was the speaker.  Marsha had asked me to head up the altar workers and organize things with that, so I was standing behind the person Dawnita she was praying for, to assist her.  All of a sudden Dawnita switched from her to me and began an entire prophecy about Dustin!!!  (He wasn't there, he was a counselor at PK retreat this weekend.  But Dawnita does not know him or anything about him...FYI)  And she goes into this whole prophecy about how there's a unique anointing upon him and he has been set apart and protected by God, and His hand is upon Him.  She said he is seen differently by the adults around him, is beyond his years, and has a unique ministry that it set apart from others and that he is different from others in his generation and he will reach many untold people for Jesus. Man, I was freaking out as soon as I heard her say something about him being seen differently by adults around him...that's all I needed to hear to know it was God Almighty speaking straight from the throne room of heaven because all his life my Dustin  has been more mature and viewed differently (very accepted) by the adults around him.  That is one very special characteristic about him.  Anyway, I was basically useless as an altar worker for few moments and was bawling my head off receiving this word.  I couldn't wait to get home and tell Dustin!

One of the greatest highlights for me was the road trip there and back.  I was with Tammy and Tina and we had an incredible drive.  Although it was long and we got stuck in traffic we had an extended opportunity for ministry right in the car, one to another. It was a time I will always treasure.  And, I find myself so looking forward to next weekend, not being able to wait to do it again if for nothing else than to be in the car with my friends!!!  To come together as leaders and bare our souls and understand each other's heart and receive ministry from each other was just indescribable. 

We leave again this Friday morning to head to Jacksonville and we will get back even later next Saturday night or should I say morning...but again, that's alright.  God is going to show up and  there's no telling what will happen!! 

This morning at church was also amazing.  I gave an altar call in the middle of worship and God was doing amazing things and what a powerful sense of His presence was there.  I literally felt the presence of God through my entire body from head to toe in the middle of the third song and said, "that's it, hit the altars if you need something...God has just shown up in a serious way so if you need a miracle, get it now!"  Then at the end of the service we had a few people make a decision for Jesus.  Now, that NEVER gets old!!!

Choir lunch was today and Candy seriously threw down in the kitchen and made some amazing spanish chicken, yellow rice and beans.  Then we had choir practice...and now I am utterly and totally EXHAUSTED and ready for a nap.  That's my weekend!!!  Tonight I should do some chores at the house.   It's sorely in need of it.  The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.  I'm so tired.  I'm going to take a nap first!  G'night.


Ruth< PA said…
Thanks for sharing this special moment! What an encouraging way to start this week!!!
Ruth, PA said…
Don't know who Ruth and It is....Should be Ruth, PA...Love/Hate relationship with my computer!!!!! LOL

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