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More launch photos

Many have emailed or facebooked me to ask lots of questions about what we've remodeled or what our launch consisted of or just wanting more photos in general.  Following are more photos of everything.  You can find out more by going to our new website here.  The site is updated every week, sometimes several times with new information.

New infant nursery

New Toddler Nursery

Another view - Newly Remodeled Toddler Room

We put new windows in the infant and toddler nurseries where parents can see in but kids can't see out -- in case the parents check on them during church.  This way the babies don't start crying when they see their parents and the parents can just make sure they are okay if they want to check on them, and then go back to service without getting the baby all upset.

New classroom that was just gutted out and redone (new walls, new carpet, new paint, etc.   There will be a table and chairs in this room as well as some other things -- right now it's empty because we're still finishing it and it has not been used yet.) 

New courtyard seating area.  The stepping stones need to be bleached (I didn't get to that among my other 2,584,722 things on my list before the launch) but other than that, looks great!  LOL

New door of our offices

Tom, Alex and Bill gathered in the breezeway before the launch service talking about ushering (they are all ushers.)

THE most amazing worship ministries team on the planet!   I love these people to pieces.  They work hard and they have hearts of gold. 

Most amazing bass player on the planet - Mike blessed to work with him.  He sings great too.  He is one of God's greatest gifts to me and to our church.  Just crazy 'bout this guy.  Most of all he has an amazing heart for God and chases after Him like crazy!

Giving their lives to Jesus...hugs and tears, and wow, what a great morning.  Candy and Epi prayed with this couple who have been transformed by God's power!

Becca and Dustin out by the lake alongside the church...Sunday morning of the launch.  Aren't they just adorable?  Two God chasers who make me so proud.  Jesus is using them in mighty ways.  They are going to be an unstoppable force in the Kingdom of God!!! 

Dustin with Tobey Powell...Dustin is a kid magnet.  Always has been.  Kids just flock to him and he enjoys them so much.

He's going to make a great father someday.  
Our Savanna, having fun at the launch party.  She's such a fun girl.  I love having fun kids.  That's Becca right behind Savanna's arm there.

Bonnie, Isa and Margaret do the bump at the launch party.  Love my fun Celebration ladies and these and three of the most fun ones, for sure!!!  Margaret is dangerous at a PJ party and that's all I'm sayin'...

Jim and Janice, so dear to our hearts...

Justin -- he's 'da man!

Cathy, Michele and Candy share a moment at the launch party.  These ladies all worked so hard on things for the launch and were celebrating, big time. 
Bill experiences a blast quite literally.

Juleen and 'em more each day.  They just light my world especially with all that they give of themselves on our worship ministries team.  They are just the best and so much fun.

This lady has so much fun, she should be arrested.  (Don't ask, she just might have been...LOL)

Celebrate good times, come on!   This was taken during another crazy dance.

At Celebration WE LOVE KIDZ!!!


Michael Gibson said…
Fantastic! The only thing missing is the Gibsons. And, why can't we live in Tampa????
I agree!!! But since you just got a fantastic new job in Columbus I think our chances of that are slim right now. :( Which makes me sad. I would LOVE to have you here. Gosh it would be dangerous...I'd have bruises I'd be falling off the couch so much...laughing!!!
Michele said…
These pictures just make me smile
Unknown said…
I am so happy that everyone is enjoying the pictures. We had an amazing day.
Melissa said…
Absolutely love it! I love what you all have done, and the transformations are out of this world!! Love the colors in the hallways and rooms! AWESOME!

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