Memories of our weekend

Thousands of photos were taken this weekend, but I am going to choose a few today to post since so many people have been asking me.  Here we go...

Unveiling of the sign on Saturday morning before we did our mass chocolate distribution in the community.

Yay!!!  Celebration Church!!!  And the crowd roars...

Off to distribute free (full size!) chocolate bars at the local intersections, with our launch info printed on them.  It really was a blast!

As you can see they didn't just pass them out...they really did have some fun with it.  You can guess who led this group in this craziness - my son Dustin who is on the ground.  (I wasn't around when he did this -- was a bit freaked when I saw this picture that Lourdes took but oh well, it's over now!  LOL)
Motorists were shocked and thrilled to get their free Hershey bars at the intersections as they were stopped at red lights.

John has fun passing out candy bars and talking about Celebration Church.  Okay...on to Sunday morning...

Front entrance left hand side...

Front entrance right hand side...we have seven of these glass doors and all of them have been imprinted with the logo and our service times.    

Hallway to classrooms. 

Hallway to courtyard and cafe.  We got new ceramic tile for this area and it will be installed this week but we unfortunately did not get it in time for the launch.  So, the burgandy carpet will soon be gone.

New entrance to kids church...these doors are brand new and just installed Saturday and they are also going to be imprinted with the CC logo as well.

New bulletin board of Celebration Kidz

New playground area next to the courtyard. 

My babe

Worship team and band was hot, hot, hot!!

Some Celebration ladies gathering in our new cafe area for coffee that morning. 

Celebration women having a ball at the party!

"If you want it then you shoulda' put a ring on it..."  LOL 

My  husband and Pastor George lead Y.M.C.A.

Our D.J. for the evening played "Thriller" and I took my leopard wrap and put it over my head and went out on the dance floor going around like a monster...ha ha!  Dillon Powell decided to grab me underneath my little makeshift costume so I had fun chasing and grabbing him back.  These are the most fun pastor duties  EVER!!!!  I love this part of my job description.

We're raising girls to be strong women at Celebration!  :) 

The sign at night

Seating area of our new cafe area

Another angle...

Different view of courtyard area...

We love Kidz at Celebration Church  (this is Savanna's good friend Britney, they have been best buds in crime for 8 plus years now?)  LOL

We love food at Celebration Church!  (I made those cupcakes!) 

The youth body surfing on the dance floor...only at Celebration folks, only at Celebration...and I LOVE IT!!!


Ruth, PA said…
Love it!!! Thanks for posting these! Have to put visiting you and your church on my "bucket list"!
Candy said…
AHHH So glad I got my fix for today! :) on a serious point. These are amazing pictures of all God has done and a just a glimpse of what is still to come, from all the love and celebrating with one another. To the new look which will only get better. I already want to vacation at the church. Who has ever seen such a church with life, joy, fun, and celebration. There is NO boring people of God here. Celebration is keeping God's word: love, restore, bring to Christ and then see Him do outrages things. God was never boring! He was bold He was Wild in the way He did miracles. And He is alive today at Celebration church.
Sharon said…
DEANNA! OMW! Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow. What a wonderful post and tribute to the Lord's goodness. Thank you for sharing. Of course, I got a good chuckle - ROFL - as well. I love you so much! xoxo
Michael Gibson said…
Anonymous said…
LOve the look of your new cafe- picturing a little acoustic guitar- worship style- and a thirty something Bible study inside :o) Just dreaming :)