Look out, Rachel Ray!

Last night Savanna wanted to cook dinner for us, which I was thrilled about.  Mondays and Thursdays are my most tiring nights.  Monday because it follows Sunday, and Thursday because it's the last day before my one "day off" a week and by that time I am just so wiped out I can't think straight.  The last thing I want to do is cook dinner on those nights.  Savanna wanted to make us dinner and all on her own she put out the linens, china and stemware and set quite a lovely scene.

She made us salad and homemade personal pizzas just like each of us like them individually. ~ mine had olives and bacon, Larry's was pepperoni and Savanna's was plain cheese.   For dessert we had strawberries and bananas dipped in chocolate sauce.  Mmmm  mmmm!!! 

So much for watching my calories tonight, (I'm trying to stay on track) however if you knew what I had for lunch yesterday (long story) you would also  know that I could basically eat anything for dinner last night and be perfectly alright.  

Great job, Savvy!


Ruth, PA said…
What a blessing you are, Savanna!
Sharon said…
You go girl!! I'll take pepperoni and cheese... ;-) I love you all madly!
Sharon Meekins said…