He not only likes you, He loves you...

Larry and I are preaching another tag team message this morning ~ the finale of the 4-week "In Sync" series...and our message today is centered on the the fact that God not only loves us, He likes us.

 During the message I'm actually showing this t-shirt pictured above along with three others I found actually FOR SALE on line...(yeah, some people are actually marketing this stuff...)
My point?  These shirts are all lies, by the way.  Horrible lies.  But many people actually believe them, and some have, "been there, done that and bought the t-shirt to prove it." 

This morning we're talking about the bottom line about the nature of God's love for us, and how our love should be extended to others, especially those in our lives who might present more of a challenge to love. 

The conclusion of the message will be a video of this song, and an invitation to love more deeply and unreservedly.  It's going to be a great day at Celebration Church, filled with the extravagant love of God and increased love for others.