Criticism: who do you listen to?

Today is the day my monthly column for women in ministry posts at Take Root and Write.  The subject of my article today is, "Criticism:  who do you listen to?"  I'm posting this as my daily blog today so if you're interested in reading it, go here.


Sharon said…
This article truly touched my heart. Thank you, Deanna!


Finally, the most important thing is to filter every single criticism you receive through the Word of God. Everything must be "Word filtered". What would Jesus say? Or better yet, what DID Jesus say? There are times people share things with me that I will tell you right now, Jesus would never, never, never say to a person. In those cases, throw it out. If it doesn't pass the Word test, you don't need to consider it. Whatever you do, don't let it take root in your heart if it is not Word filtered. It will just fester there and cause you harm.

Amen Sister!

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