Come and see this place through my eyes...

I am enjoying "Moonlight Path" baths by candlelight...
The view from the top of the stairs as you step out of our bedroom...
I enjoy looking out all the many large windows of the cabin, sitting in front of one of the fireplaces, drinking my tea and just listening to the sound of...NOTHING.  I've needed this so much.

The view from the front porch...
In between looking out windows, I've been reading books that I've had on my list to read.  I just finished Francis Chan's Crazy Love.  It pretty much rocked my world. 

Larry trying to make it up the he finally successfully did late yesterday afternoon.  (Thanks to all of you who prayed...)  The problem is, it's a steep hill and we were informed yesterday -- a private drive.   It never got plowed, because it's a private road.  The maintenance man just salted it.  It is very hard to go up an unplowed hill, obviously. 

Very kind man (see him between the trees) who finally came and shoveled ice off of the hill so that Larry could make it all the way up the hill.  It's still snowing. 
First thing I made when he came back with groceries...homemade vegetable soup.  Mmm mmm good.  Perfect for a snowy day and freezing temperatures.


Melissa said…
What a beautiful quiet and serene place to relax and breath! You are right, you soooo needed this trip away! I hope despite the hill that you are doing just that and not worrying about anything at home, church or family stuff.
Glad to hear Larry was able to battle the hill and conquer it! I was praying for you all to be able to get out. I know those hills, we had them in KY. Enjoy your time secluded from the world. I do have to and Dr Pepper for breakfast...yum! ;)
Love ya bunches!
Ruth, PA said…
Beautiful pics. Whew we!!! You weren't a kiddin'!! That is one steep mountain side (aka cliff) you are on! Very happy you made it to the store! Your soup looks delicious, btw. Got any pizza left? lol ;)
Stay warm and cozy and lots of love!
Tina Blount said…
Love Crazy Love and homemade soup. I made Spanish Bean tonight. Hmmm, here's a thought, we should swap recipes while swapping thoughts on Crazy Love!
I'd love to!

I'm posting a recipe tomorrow that you might like.

Crazy Love was amazing but has me sort of depressed to dwell on it for too long.

To put it succinctly, I'm all about Crazy Love but the things I long to do many times are a hindrance to those I live with. Therefore, I do have to consider their feelings and cannot go as crazy as I want to.

Hope that makes sense...let's talk about it sometime, for sure!