Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Before you ask me, stop and think...

"Pastor, I listed you as a reference on my resume..."

"Pastor, in my interview, I gave them your name as one of my references to that okay?"

"Pastor, I was wondering if you could recommend my business to others..."

I have heard this countless times from people in 23 years of pastoring and I think people should know before they do that, they need to consider --

  • Have they shown integrity in personal matters?
  • Have they shown integrity in church matters?
  • Have they been faithful in their attendance?
  • If they are a ministry leader have they been faithful and completed their ministry assignments on time and with excellence?
  • If I do know their work habits or history as far as their job goes, is it also favorable?
Before you ask your pastor to be a reference for you, it would be a good idea to honestly consider these questions. 

Yes, your pastor loves you. 

The fact that they love you is not incompatible with the fact that they don't want to lie.

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