Scenes from last few days

New photo of Maddie 

Prayer and pancakes...

Jordan playing his heart out...

Afterwards at Perkins for pancakes

We filled this room plus another section of the restaurant


 There's so much more I have to say but I'll write more later when time allows.  Things are going at warp speed for the launch.  Yesterday amidst getting about 6 other jobs done, I spent most of the day sorting through photos to get the large portraits for the walls of the foyer.  There are so many things to do, I've got about 30 things on my list this week.   I need prayer!  Yesterday someone called out of the blue yesterday that I haven't heard from in a long time.  They said that God had given them a word for me.  Interestingly enough, two separate people have given me this word within days of one another.  Hmmm...lots to think about.


Eagles Wings said…
Praying for you gal!